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The Three Wheeler story of the Morgan

The dust cover of this hard copy book "The Three Wheeler" has been trimmed and covered by plastic
Back in 1970 books about Morgan were non-existent. The Morgan Motor Company had issued some small booklets with limited text and a series of 3 articles in Motor Sport had been made into one booklet, but that was all.

The Morgan Three Wheeler Club, personified by Brian Watts, took the initiative and produced a 68 pages book about the history of the Morgan Three Wheeler.

It gives a good overview of the development of the Morgan Motor Company, the models they produced and the different engines and other specications during the period of Morgan's original three-wheelers, up to 1952.

The book has a nice selection of pictures, showing the development of the different models, detail technical drawings and a clear list of changes and the approximate date at which they occurred.One of the detail drawings in The Three Wheeler, in this case of a 3 speed and reverse chassis with JAP engine

Even now it's still a handy work of reference, even though dozens of Morgan books have been published since.

The success of the book was obvious by the several reprints the book received. Three-wheeler addicts ought to have a copy of it in their book case!