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Three-wheeler models

H.F.S. Morgan's philosophy was to provide affordable and reliable motoring. For many people the gap between a motor-cycle and a motor car was too big. The Morgan three-wheeler fell into the category of cyclecars. This meant that it could be driven with a motorcycle driving licence and thus had a low annual tax rate, while its comfort did not differ too much of the light cars of that age.

Mr. Mogford behind the wheel of his early 1920s Grand Prix model. Picture from the Morgan Motor Company collection.

It soon became available in many different varieties of models, both touring and sporting.

Due to the simplicity of its chassis, it could easily be adapted to use different types of engines. Of the V-twins, the JAP, Anzani, Blackburne and Matchless are the best known makes used on Morgans.

The last model on three wheels was the F-Type, equipped with a Ford 4-cylinder engine, under a real bonnet. That model trickled on till 1952.