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Tony McLaughlin
What about an owner for 40 years, who doesn't get the chance to see another Morgan often? In such a case you have to be really dedicated to remain enthusiastic. This label can certainly be attached to Tony, who has also started a website, which is of help and service to many people worldwide. Here's his story:
Is that why so many American Morgan owners prefer two-tones: to be better visible in the snow??In response to your questions, my interest in Morgans began when I was a teenager in the late 50’s, and my uncle brought an MG TF 1500 home from Europe. I loved the style of it, but he sold it as a used car in 1961.

I next saw a road test of the new 1969 Plus 8 in Road & Track magazine, and fell in love with it! I wrote the factory, as none were being imported into the US at that time, and found out there was a 10 month window in which I could get one.

We corresponded, and it was shipped directly to me on a freighter ship, and I picked it up at the dock straight from Customs. I have had it, and only it, ever since 1971.

The Morgan hobby has been very satisfying to me over the years, and I have made many super friends over the world through it.

As there are no other Morgans in this area, I developed the Morgan Registry, which enabled me to find other Morgan owners over the world to meet with and swap stories with. This has grown much more than I anticipated, with almost 4300 Morgans currently listed.
Also the 1969 Road & Track +8 test car was a similar two-tone. This one arrived 2 years later.
Since then, I have developed some charts on the historical productions and prices. Hopefully these can be of use to others.

My personal high with Morgans? It has to be the moment that I first saw my car in the Customs Warehouse, and the agent actually handed me the keys to it! I drove it home with no seats and no windscreen, as they were stored in the back.

I do wish that the Morgan Motor Company would share a bit more of their production history with others, and work with the various clubs over the world in promoting their car.

These pictures were taken 38 years apart, the first in the snow when I was stationed in the army, and the second in the perfect weather we live in now (unfortunately the boats are not ours!).

Tony's site can be found at 

It is more than worth having a look!

If your car(s) is (are) not registered there yet, please do so. Or if it (they) changed hands, let him know too.