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Centenary Hill Climb, Prescott, 25 July 2009

Ettore Bugatti started building his own cars in the same year as H.F.S. Morgan did, 1909. As such, Bugatti also could have had its own centenary in the same year, but that was not to be.

The club that was formed in England for his products, the Bugatti Owners' Club, is one of the oldest in the world. It was initiated in 1929! Its greatest asset is of course the Prescott Hill Climb course, in Gotherington, just outside Cheltenham. Here many hill climbs have been held over the years, including quite a few where Morgans participated. Just one famous Morgan which was successful here was Ray Meredith's +4, registered XOV 555. This is still going strong.

Of course, on this celebration day, Morgans of all kinds were allowed to climb the hill, varying from three- wheelers, to the latetst models, from standard to heavily modified.

Also during the celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of Morgan, Prescott was used, so some non-competition Morgans relived this lovely experience and enjoyed the attention they got from the public on this lovely day.

Two fellow Dutch enthusiasts, John Bijsterveld and Jan Mulder, attended the hill climb and were so kind to provide the following series of pictures.

Centenary Hillclimb, Prescott
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