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Some Factory images

Below follow a random selection of pictures of The Factory in a more recent set up.

The place where the old stores used to be, across the offices in the bay along the Pickersleigh Avenue, is now occupied by a collection of important Factory cars. From right to left: Charles Morgan's Super Sports racer, the Factory F4, MMC 11, the second prototype +8 in racing form, the +8 Drophead Coupé and the first Aero 8, displayed at Geneva in 2000.Aero 8 Morgans being worked on. The left one is already on its wheels, with part of the bodywork finished, while the one on the right is still on trestles and getting various parts fitted.

Wooden parts are also made well in advance, all exactly to the same size. The process of parts per car has been left behind.The saw mill also produces wooden parts, ready to be picked up durimg the production process.


Morgan Aero Max rear panel
Even the rear panel for the Aero Max model was made in advance!


There were plenty of cowls available to keep the Morgan production going for a while.