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Supersport Junior Pedal Car

The Aeromax was not the only product of the Morgan Motor Company to see the light for its Centenary celebrations. For years there had been a call for a "new three-wheeler". These had led to nothing, as the old design no longer lives up to modern safety standards.

A Supersport Junior alongside a full scale Aero Supersports. Both were on display in the Visitors' Centre of the Morgan Motor Company. Photo Bob Burrows

A clever escape, though, is the 2/3rd scale pedal car for 6 to 13 year olds. It bears a great resemblance to the beetle back Super Sports cars from the early 1930s. 

Many Morgan owners are of the age that they have one or more grandchildren. What nicer present can a youngster receive from a grandparent!

Therefore, it is not surprising at all, that the minimum quantity required to make the project viable (200) was soon reached. A maximum of 500 will be built. In April 2010, the first production cars were to be delivered. When you are later in the ordering row, you had to wait till 2011, until it was ready!

A pile of wooden body frames for the Morgan Super Sports pedal car, waiting to be fitted to the chassis

When this was written, August 2011, 250 had been built and the last batch of these was awaiting delivery.

Production was postponed for a few months, but will resume in October/ November 2011.

For the collectors among us who don't want to purchase the little three-wheeler itself, but are otherwise quite keen, there are other things to hunt for. Solely about this car exist (at least) two variations of sales brochures, counting 6 pages each. One comes with an ordering card in a plastic triangle, the other one lacks it.

These are cute little cars and like the other limited edition products of Morgan is a resounding success.

They are built in the traditional Morgan way, with a wooden body frame and wooden seat supports.

In the visitors' centre literally dozens of finished ones are lined up to go to their (not always) young customers soon then. It would be lovely if these young customers later would take the plunge to any of the other Morgan products. 

A nice row of Super Sports pedal cars in the Visitor Centre. The red ones are predominant

Rolling chassis of Morgan three-wheeler pedal cars and almost completed examples stand side by side

In November 2010 the production of the three-wheeler pedal cars was in full swing. 

The chassis were brought in by the truck load, body panels came in from Superform, but the most visible parts that the Morgan Motor Company worked on themselves were the wooden body frame and the upholstery.

The dashboard panel with its nice curves

The basic body frame is of long oval shape, the wooden dashboard has elegant curves, while the seats are the simplicity themselves.

The red pedal car shown here found its way to the avid Dutch Morgan enthusiast Nico Zonneveld, where it's waiting for his grandchild to grow a little more.

No longer is one man responsible for constructing an entire wooden body frame, as in former years, but now a stock of equal body parts is produced in advance, so that they can be taken off the shelf when needed.

Production wise that's very efficient, but for some Morgan die hards the Morgan has lost part of its charm with this production method.

During 2011 production of the pedal car was stopped temporarily, in order to create production capacity for the new three-wheeler. When this has started flowing, the production for the pedal cars will be resumed.

In mid 2012 this was not yet the case.

People who now want one have to be patient, or have the luck that a second hand example turns up for sale. With so few made, the chances of that are not so big.

Yet AT THIS VERY MOMENT there is a very interesting example available. People who are seriously interested, are welcome to enquire!