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Started originally in 2009, this website was upgraded late 2011 to its current format and it keeps growing as time allows.

In comparison with the original website, virtually every page has been revised, many new ones added.

The "Morgan Personalities" (NOT Morgan celebrities) chapter has been extended considerably. A remarkable lady tells her tales in the Competition pages, where also some new pictures have been added.


The Factory chapter has been altered, but more changes are still due.

Additional pages are still in the making. Morgan owners and addicts alike are invited to share THEIR story with the rest of the community.


For the New Year, an enthusiastic Morgan owner from France sent in a photograph showing his 3 jewels, all in yellow!


The Spanish Morgan Club has a good selection of badges available, which are displayed on this site. If you like one or more of them, just let it know and start the ball rolling.


A number of car badges are for sale, for different people. If you want any of those badges, be quick! They change from day to day. If you have car badges in your drawers without doing anything with them, you can advertise them FOR FREE on this site. Some may already have a "certain buyer" as these are advertised in the badges wanted page.


All regalia related news and services you can find in the revised chapter:




NEW is the page GREAT MORGAN VIEWS, If you feel you can contribute to this page, don't hesitate to send in your great Morgan view(s). You'll be more than welcome!


Enjoy the site and let me know what you think of it.

Hermen Pol



With the continuous expansion of the website, it costs more to keep it running. In order to help with this and to get the website, Facebook page and Facebook groups with the name Morgan History Info literally on the map, two different Morgan History Info badges have been designed. Each of them will be numbered 1 - 50.  About 30 examples of each variety have been sold so far.


Further details can be found on the Morgan Badges For Sale page: 

Aim of the site

This website is meant to give people who own/love the Morgan cars an overview of the products the Morgan Motor Company made over the years. In addition, as much information as possible is shown about various subjects regarding Morgan, such as The Factory itself, the Centenary of the Morgan, Morgan agents, Morgan clubs, Competition with Morgans and any other subject which is deemed interesting.

Apart from this it is very important that people who consider the purchase of a Morgan (any Morgan) are well informed beforehand and don't end up with messed about cars or cars with dubious identities. Everybody wants to ENJOY his/her Morgan.

The site is updated on a regular basis and any suggestions about subjects that would be nice to cover here are welcome. It is meant to become a site that appeals to as broad a public as possible.

Over 35 years of historical research into Morgan cars

From a young age on, sports cars were THE fascinating object. One day, when seeing a car of an unknown make, the bug bit. 


Many years of collecting literature, photographs, other memorabilia and researching different types of Morgans, individual cars and events of clubs like the MSCC, MTWC and MSCCH have followed, amongst others by means of spending an annual fortnight at the Morgan Motor Company.


Of course attending events of clubs like the MSCC, MTWC and MSCCH, MCD and others have resulted in a wealth of information and pictures too.


Much information was gained thanks to friends in other clubs worldwide, such as the USA, South Africa, Sweden, Germany and Australia, to name but a few.

On this site you will find general information about the history of Morgan cars, which will of course be updated every now and then. Of equal importance are the experiences of Morgan owners and collectors, which are related in the much expanded chapter of Morgan Personalities.
More in depth information about your own Morgan, or a particular car/model, or even event, is always available on request.

Hermen F.A. Pol

E-mail address:

 If you like the contents of this website and would like to contribute whatever you deem appropriate to keep this website going, please touch the DONATE button below.

You can of course do this as individual or as a (Morgan) club.

People who want to discuss the contents of this site with other likeminded people, ask questions, show their Morgan, or just chatter about anything related to Morgan, join the group:

For the people whose interest primarily lies in the more recent Morgan models, a similar group has been created. You can find it under:


Mid September 2012 a new Facebook page saw the light:
Visit it and "like" it, if you do!